Newark Mayor Ties Himself to School Choice

Posted on June 8, 2007 In Blog

Recently in HaModia (sorry, no weblink to offer) our good friend Michael Tobman suggests that a practical way Democrats can “practice what they preach” on faith, is to offer practical, tangible help, in the form of tax credits, to families who send children to nonpublic schools.

One Democrat is already on board. Says Mayor Cory Booker, Newark’s celebrity chief exec, and the subject of George Will’s latest column, regarding his advocacy on behalf of the tax credit program being stymied in Trenton “Who can object to a pool of money that will give poor children the same opportunities as middle-class kids?”

Who indeed, answers Mr. Will, but the 190,000 member state teacher’s union, which is the source of such stymieing.

By the way, much of Will’s column discusses Booker’s plans for educating Newark’s children but where a city public school system is spectacularly failing the children who use it, despite sky high funding at some $17,000 per pupil.