NJ Governor Supports School Choice; OU in PA Advocating for EITC

Posted on May 4, 2010 In Blog

NJ Governor Chris Christie has publicly thrown his support behind a bill in the New Jersey legislature that would create a scholarship program, via corporate tax credits, for disadvantaged students to attend the school of their choice. The Governor had indicated he would support a scholarship-creating tax credit program when he met with the OU last summer during the NJ gubernatorial campaign.

The OU supports this bill (S-1872) and has supported previous incarnations in the past.

In related news, the OU is in Harrisburg, PA yesterday and today to advocate for restored funding to the state’s successful Educational Improvement Tax Credit. The EITC’s cap was dropped to $60 million from $75 million, and the OU is on hand, along with Jewish day school leaders from Allentown, Harrisburg and Pittsburgh, to push for legislation that would reinstate the cap at $75 million.