New Jersey State residents: Take action now! Make your voice heard for school choice!

Posted on June 28, 2006 In Blog

New Jersey State residents: Take action now!
Make your voice heard for school choice!
Empower parents, communities & students!
Call State Senator Shirley Turner’s office at (609) 530-3277 and urge her to allow a vote on S-1332.

S-1332 will create a pilot program in New Jersey allowing a corporate tax credit for contributions to certain nonprofit educational funding entities such as scholarship organizations to assist students.

Students in low performing public schools can attend a participating non-public school or a public school in a different district. Also eligible are educational improvement organizations that assist public schools in funding innovative after school, enrichment and remedial programs.

This legislation is modeled after Pennsylvania’s program, which now serves over 25,000 students and through which the Jewish community has raised millions of dollars for Jewish day schools. Over 75 non-profit organizations in Pennsylvania, including Jewish federations, distribute scholarships to thousands of students each year. New Jersey’s modest pilot program provides a second chance for students in New Jersey’s four major cities (Camden, Newark, Orange & Trenton).

Chairwoman Shirley Turner of the Senate Education Committee must hear from all of us concerned with school choice to allow this to a vote.


  • This is crafted to help lower and middle income families and it helps get the exact types of help and assistance students both need and deserve.

  • Tax credits are FULLY constitutional and exist in six other states – Arizona, Florida, Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota & Pennsylvania. The US Supreme Court ruled them constitutional in 1983.

  • The money is spent by parents on their children. Not one penny of government tax funds goes anywhere.

  • Constituents and voters ought to come first before special interests like unions.

    Call State Senator Shelly Turner today at (609) 530-3277.
    Urge her to allow a vote on S-1332 today!


    IPA/Public Affairs