NY Times’ Latest Hit on Jerusalem; Gray Lady Admits, almost, There Was a Temple

Posted on May 11, 2009 In Blog

A front page story in Sunday’s New York Times paints Israel’s current efforts to not only exercise its sovereignty over its own capital city, but to properly care for its invaluable history and invest in its contemporary livability as a terrible political offense. This effort to undermine the Jewish People’s ties to our capital is, tragically, aided and abetted by some within the Jewish community as well.

Commentary’s Jon Tobin gets it just right in noting the absurdity and hypocrisy in all this.

We would just add one more point – the Times reports “the Web site of Al Quds University, one of the most important Palestinian institutions, states that the Western Wall, the remnant of the Jewish temple destroyed by the Romans in A.D.
70, was probably built by the Romans because the temple could not have stood there.”

It is so gratifying that the “paper of record” follows this with the ringing statement that: “There is no scholarly dispute about whether the temple stood beneath what is today the Aksa Mosque compound.”