Obama-Bibi Beer Summit?

Posted on March 18, 2010 In Blog

Due to the high-stakes state of the healthcare reform debate, The White House just announced that next week’s trip by Pres. Obama to Indonesia has been canceled.

While the critical domestic policy issue will be the President’s focus, the ongoing foreign policy crisis with Israel remains, as yet, unresolved.

While in Israel last week (where this all started), Vice President Biden said (in the course of his q&a with Tel Aviv U. students) that “foreign policy is the extension of interpersonal relations” between nations’ leaders and peoples.

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu will be here next week for the AIPAC policy conference.

In this spirit, perhaps the Barack Obama ought to invite Bibi Netanyahu over for a beer in the Springtime air of DC and sort this all out.

(The OU can recommend some kosher beers.)