Obama lobbies Jewish groups to back Iran deal

by Tamar Pileggi and Rebecca Shimoni Stoil

April 14, 2015

US President Barack Obama sat down with over a dozen Jewish leaders and political supporters Monday in two separate meetings, in an effort to defuse fears over the terms of a framework long-term nuclear deal with Iran, and to assure them of his commitment to Israel

The meetings were part of the administration’s broader effort to defend the emerging Iran deal before an increasingly skeptical Congress and public.

Participants in the first meeting said that they first met with National Security Adviser Susan Rice, who had also defended the US-led negotiations with Iran at the American Israel Public Affairs Committee’s annual policy conference last month. After about 20 minutes, the president entered the room and stayed for over an hour. Representatives of groups both supporting and opposing the terms of a framework deal with Iran said that Obama was “generous” with his time.

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