Obama & Biden: Shana Tova

Posted on September 8, 2010 In Archives

The U.S. Administration rolled out the red carpet for Rosh Hashana 5771.

Earlier today, President Obama held a conference call for over 700 American Rabbis. Politico’s Laura Rozen has some key points the President made here.

To that I would add that the President demonstrated an appreciation for the Jewish approach to the advent of a new year as a time for renewal and reflection. He even commented on how much he likes hearing the sound of the shofar from the synagogue he lived across the street from in Chicago.

Vice President Biden continued on this theme when he hosted about 100 Jewish leaders at his residence for a lovely outdoor reception in honor of Rosh Hashana. Mr. Biden also commented on how he finds renewing ourselves as the heat of summer wanes seems “just right.”

Posted by Nathan Diament