On Biden’s Call for a Settlement Freeze

Posted on May 5, 2009 In Blog

At today’s closing session of the AIPAC Policy Conference Vice President Joe Biden passionately articulated his – and President Obama’s – strong commitment to Israel’s security and to seeking a durable peace for the Jewish state with her Arab neighbors.

But along the way, the Vice President, as well as Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman John Kerry just before him, recited the rote mantra of insisting that Israel freeze settlement activity as a necessary step toward peace with the Palestinians.

But is Israeli settlement activity really such an obstacle to peace? Or is it an excuse used by Palestinians for their recalcitrance in taking the steps (also articulated by the Veep) they must?

Read Elliott Abrams’ essay in the Washington Post for a view counter to the conventional wisdom put forth by the Honorable Messrs. Biden and Kerry.