Orthodox Jewish Groups Testify in Support of Taxpayer Savings Grants (HB 33) in Austin

Posted on June 7, 2011 In Blog

Joining an impressive roster of education reform groups and individuals, including the Heartland Institute, Texas Public Policy Foundation and the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, the Orthodox Union submitted (written) testimony yesterday before the Texas House of Representatives Committee on Government Reform & Efficiency in support of HB 33, which would create a Taxpayer Savings Grant program for students leaving a public school or entering kindergarten or first grade for up to sixty percent of the state’s per pupil cost (but less if actual tuition is less). As well, Rabbi Ari Segal, Head of School of Houston’s Robert M. Beren Academy, a preeminent Jewish day school in Texas, offered testimony in person. Especially note that Beren Academy’s testimony strikes a blow at two of the main myths perpetuated about nonpublic schools: 1) their accreditation & success; and 2) the supposed wealth of the parent body. Beren’s scholarship budget and the sheer percentage of families on it belies that.

Below please find are both testimonies in full.

For the OU’s testimony: Click Here
For Beren Academy’s testimony: Click Here

Posted by IPA Staff