Orthodox Union Expresses Concern about Potentially Devastating Effect on Charities from U.S. Rep. Dave Camp's Tax Reform Plan

Posted on February 27, 2014 In Charities, Press Releases

Today, the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America (Orthodox Union), the nation’s largest Orthodox Jewish umbrella organization, expressed its concern regarding the impact that House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Dave Camp’s recently unveiled tax reform plan could have on the level of charitable giving in America.

Chairman Camp’s proposal hurts the charitable community in three distinct ways: by imposing a two percent income floor on the first dollar of deductible contributions, by decreasing the deductible amount of annual contributions and by limiting the value of deductions for property.

Nathan Diament, Director of Public Policy for the Orthodox Union, expressed his concern for Chairman Camp’s plan for tax reform: “Chairman Camp’s proposal is clearly at odds with America’s strong tradition of giving.  Changes in his tax reform package could prove devastating to the vast majority of Jewish organizations and charities who rely on the charitable deduction for their fundraising efforts. We will work with our allies in Congress and across the nonprofit sector to prevent this proposal from being enacted.”