Orthodox Union Caught in the Crossfire

Posted on April 2, 1997 In Press Releases

The Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America, also known as the “Orthodox Union,” representing 1,000 synagogues and tens of thousands of individual members, is highly critical of the recent use of the media by a Jewish organization that has tried to condense thousands of years of religious theology into 10-second sound bytes.

The approach of the rabbis in this organization of a name similar to the Orthodox Union’s, erroneously represented as the Orthodox Union in many press accounts, reflects negatively on our efforts to project an Orthodoxy of inclusion.

With programs and services that are open to and used by members of every Jewish denomination, we recognize that since time immemorial there have always been challenges to Torah Judaism. As Orthodox Jews we have tried to reach out and deal with these challenges in a constructive communal manner rather than in a public display which, while a headline grabber, pains the soul of every Jew.

The Orthodox Union firmly advocates that all Jews are brethren. We are further committed to the ideal that the Jewish people should channel its energies into the areas where there is agreement. Core areas of theological difference should be passionately addressed, but not through national hysteria and press conferences.

We call upon all responsible leaders to exercise restraint in public statements so that despite the issues that divide us we may still remain united as one people.