Orthodox Union Congratulates Ariel Sharon on His Election as Prime Minister of Israel

Posted on February 6, 2001 In Press Releases

The Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America, the nation’s largest mainstream Orthodox Jewish synagogue organization, today congratulated Ariel Sharon on his election as Prime Minister of Israel.

Harvey Blitz, Orthodox Union president, said, “We congratulate Prime Minister Sharon on his election and fervently wish him success in leading the Israeli people. At this tumultuous time there are many urgent issues that command immediate attention, including the violence that has erupted in recent months and has threatened the security of all Israelis and resulted in so many tragic deaths. We wish Prime Minister Sharon success in uniting the segments of Israeli society so that the myriad of issues that affect Israel’s very survival will be able to be immediately addressed. It is important that the new government receives the broad and substantial support of not only the Israeli people but also the world Jewish community in order to be effective. We pledge our support to Prime Minister Sharon and wish him success in ensuring Israel’s security, healing Israel’s internal divisions and in obtaining the needed support so that Israel can begin to work to resolve the many urgent issues that affect its safety and security.”

Betty Ehrenberg, Director of International Affairs, said, “During our past meetings with Prime Minister Sharon we were deeply impressed by his outstanding record of defense of the State of Israel and deep love of the Jewish people. We wish him much success in leading the government and people of Israel so that Israel will be able to flourish and thrive economically, socially and spiritually.”