OU Advocacy-Teach NYS Introduces Energy Parity Bill

Posted on June 6, 2013

The New York Power Authority (NYPA) provides energy efficiency programs and electricity directly to many public schools throughout New York State at substantially reduced rates. These programs and reduced rates are not available to private schools.

OU Advocacy-Teach NYS has crafted legislation to end this “utility discrimination” and create parity between public schools and private schools for their energy rates and programs. The Energy Parity Bill would give private schools access to the energy efficiency programs as well as to the same discount that public schools receive, reducing their electricity bills by an estimated 50 percent.

Should the Energy Par­ity Bill become enacted as proposed, a school with a monthly electricity bill of $2,500 would save an estimated $15,000-$21,000 annually, while a school with a monthly bill of $40,000 would save an estimated $240,000 per year.

The Energy Parity Bill (A07820/S05667) has been introduced by a bi-partisan group of legislators to both the NYS Senate and Assembly for consideration.