OU Applauds Sen. Schumer’s Request for $1 Billion in NSGP Funding

Posted on November 6, 2023 In Press Releases

For Immediate Release
November 6, 2023

New York, NY — Today, The Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America (Orthodox Union), the nation’s largest Orthodox Jewish umbrella organization, applauded Senator Chuck Schumer’s ambitious proposal to allocate $1 billion to Jewish community security through the Nonprofit Security Grant Program (NSGP).

Senator Schumer’s unprecedented proposal is befitting for the times we are in. Antisemitic incidents in America have risen 388% since October 7, leading Jewish schools and synagogues to significantly increase their security. 

For years, Senator Schumer has worked closely with the OU and other Jewish organizations to increase security funding for our communities. His support for the well-being of these communities continues when we need it most. 

The $1 billion requested by Senator Schumer will act as an emergency fund for the NSGP to address high-risk situations such as that faced by the Jewish community now. It comes in addition to the yearly allocation for the NSGP and the supplemental $200 million requested by President Biden in response to the war.

Nathan Diament, Executive Director for Public Policy at the Orthodox Union, said: 

“We are grateful for Senator Schumer’s ambitious proposal of allocating $1 billion to the Nonprofit Security Program (NSGP). This unprecedented request matches the height of antisemitism we are witnessing in America today. The leadership Senator Schumer has shown on this matter now and throughout the years reflects his unwavering commitment to securing Jewish communities. We are thankful for his partnership and look forward to working together to secure the right of all Jewish Americans to live freely and safely.”