OU Asks Nevada Democrats to Move Saturday’s Caucus to Accommodate Orthodox Jews

Posted on February 11, 2016 In News

The Nevada State Democratic Party will hold its caucus on Saturday, but Orthodox Jews and other Sabbath observant groups, such as Seventh-Day Adventists, will not be able to participate due to their religious beliefs.

In a press release from the Orthodox Union Advocacy Center, the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of American urged the Nevada State Democratic Party to reschedule its caucus plans to accommodate the Sabbath observant.

Other states holding primaries or caucuses on Saturday circumvent this issue by allowing voters to cast absentee ballots. Nevada, though, does not offer this alternative, requiring all non-military voters to participate in person.

 “We ask the Nevada State Democratic Party to change its policy and ensure that all Nevadans, can participate in the important presidential caucus. We must protect religious freedom,” Nathan Diament, executive director of OU Advocacy, which is the Orthodox Union’s non-partisan public policy arm, said in a statement.
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