OU Disappointed with Louisiana Court Ruling Against Voucher Program

Posted on December 5, 2012 In News

OU Disappointed with LOUISIANA Court Ruling Against Voucher Program; Urges Governor Jindal to Find New Funding Source

 Today, the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America expressed its disappointment with a November 30 Louisiana State Court ruling that the state’s voucher program is unconstitutionally funded by money set aside for public schools.

Created this year, the Louisiana voucher program is one of the most expansive in the nation, providing roughly 5,000 scholarships to low income students this year alone. The Louisiana judge ruled that — while the program itself is constitutional — the program is wrongly funded using money set aside by the state constitution for public schools.

The Orthodox Union commends Governor Bobby Jindal for promising to appeal the court ruling. Moreover, the Orthodox Union urges Governor Jindal to defend his landmark school choice achievement by working with the legislature to find a new funding source as soon as possible.

Maury Litwack, OU Director of State Political Affairs, stated: “The Governor is right to appeal the court ruling, but it is crucial that he work to find a new funding source to ensure that students receiving scholarships now continue to do so. Regardless of the funding source, this program saves the state money by sending students to private schools. Gov. Jindal has been a champion for school choice, and we are confident that he will rise to this occasion.”