OU Testifies in Support of Shabbat/Holiday Accommodations

Posted on March 3, 2011 In Blog

Today, the Orthodox Union will be offering written & oral testimony in Annapolis in support of Senator Roger Manno’s bill, SB 750 (cross filed in House by Del. Sandy Rosenberg) which would require reasonable accommodation of employee requests for time off or early dismissal for Sabbaths & holidays.

Modeled after legislation in NYS & NJ, this legislation is narrowly tailored to ensure no one of any faith is forced into a choice between their sincerely held beliefs and providing food for their family. It has appropriate exemptions for small businesses and for cases of hardship or safety.

Besides the OU, the legislation is supported by a broad range of faith groups as well as (with their proposed amendments) the Maryland Commission on Human Relations.

To read the testimony that is being delivered in Annapolis click here.

Posted by IPA Staff