OU Applauds Aspects of Recently Signed Tax Law

Posted on May 31, 2001 In Press Releases

Today, the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America, through its Institute for Public Affairs, applauded several family friendly aspects of the tax legislation passed and enacted last week.

The tax package contains two measures directly of benefit to families: an expansion of the per-child deduction and a reduction of the tax code’s “marriage penalty.” Importantly, the law makes the per-child deduction refundable, so low-income families can benefit from it as well.

The package also contains two education-related measures the Union has long supported: the expansion of tax-free education savings accounts to K-12 education expenses, and making a portion of college tuition payments tax deductible.

Nathan Diament, director of the Union’s Institute, stated that “these elements of the tax relief legislation will be of immediate and direct benefit to many American families. Along with their material benefits, they provide an important message of reinforcement for the centrality of the traditional family and its role in America’s public policy.”