OU Applauds President Bush for Veto of UN Resolution

Posted on March 30, 2001 In Press Releases

The Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America today applauded the U.S. Administration for its veto of a negative UN Security Council resolution calling for the United Nations to send in an observer force to the region to protect the Palestinians. We also applauded President Bush’s loud and clear statement urging the Palestinian Authority to forcibly condemn violence and terrorism and to resume security cooperation with Israel.

Betty Ehrenberg, OU Director of International Affairs, said, “We greatly appreciate the courageous position that the United States took in vetoing the adoption of another anti-Israel UN resolution. The history of the Israeli experience with these so-called observer forces has always been counterproductive – these forces have always acted against Israeli interests and encouraged violence and have never contributed to peaceful stability in the region. President Bush’s call for an end to Palestinian violence and incitement is a welcome expression of US policy and an important and constructive step towards calming the situation in the Middle East. The Palestinian Authority must understand that the United States will not countenance its continued terror campaign against Israel through which it aspires to achieve its political goals. A peaceful settlement can only be accomplished through direct negotiations and not through violence and terrorism. We again extend our thanks to President Bush, the Administration and Acting US Ambassador to the UN James Cunningham for acting in the interests of peace and taking a stand against violence and terror.”