OU Applauds US Strikes Against Iraq

Posted on December 17, 1998 In Press Releases

The Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America, the largest mainstream Orthodox Jewish organization in the United States, today praised President Clinton for ordering US armed forces to carry out strikes against Iraq in retaliation for its recalcitrance regarding UNSCOM inspections of their non-conventional weapons capabilities.

Mandell Ganchrow, MD, President of the Orthodox Union said, “We applaud President Clinton for his decision
to respond to Iraq’s threat to the Middle East and world security. The constant refusal of Iraq and Saddam Hussein to allow the world body to protect against the deadly proliferation of nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons demonstrates the seriousness of United States policy at the
great danger of the spread of global terrorism.”

Betty Ehrenberg, Director of International Affairs and Communal Relations said, “The Orthodox Union has been in the forefront in supporting legislation that would prevent rogue nations from developing non-conventional weapons capabilities. The potential that Iraq is developing at a frightening pace recalls to mind the threat that it imposed to the entire Middle East only several years ago.

The danger of its terror is not confined to one area of the world: it reaches over continents and crosses boundaries and strikes close to home. America and its fellow democracies must unite against this form of international brutality. We pray for the safety of all our forces fighting to protect our freedom against those who defy and endanger international security.”