OU Applauds US Strikes Against Terrorist Bases in Afghanistan and Sudan

Posted on August 21, 1998 In Press Releases

The Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America, the largest mainstream Orthodox Jewish organization in the United States, today praised President Clinton for ordering US armed forces to carry out strikes against terrorist-related facilities in Afghanistan and Sudan in retaliation for the recent bombings of the two embassies in East Africa.

Mandell I. Ganchrow, MD, President of the Orthodox Union, said:

“We applaud President Clinton for his decision to retaliate against those who carry out deadly terrorist attacks against Americans who are serving in our embassies abroad.

“Terrorism must not be allowed to threaten world security. The cowardly and inhumane acts of terror that have taken so many lives and have injured so many innocent men, women and children in so many regions of the world, most recently in East Africa, is reprehensible and cannot be justified in any way.

“It is crucial that the United States, the world’s only remaining super power, fight terror, proactively prevent violence, combat terrorist organizations and infrastructure, and apprehend, prosecute, and punish terrorists. This Presidential order conveys the message that we will not tolerate heinous acts perpetrated against defenseless people by those who would use terror in order to advance their political agendas.”

Betty Ehrenberg, Director of International Affairs and Communal Relations said:

“The Orthodox Union has been in the forefront in supporting the passage of counterterrorism legislation as well as legislation that would prevent rogue nations from developing their non-conventional weapons capability.

“These are a critical parts of US policy as they demonstrate the seriousness of our concern and the great danger of the spread of global terrorism. Terrorism is no longer confined to one area of the world; it reaches over continents and oceans and crosses boundaries as a frightening reminder that violence is not far away – it strikes close to home.

“Those nations and governments that sponsor and support terrorism must be held accountable. America and her fellow democracies must unite against this form of international brutality.”