OU Condemns Anti-Israel Discrimination in Court Charter

Posted on August 3, 1998 In Press Releases

The Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America, the largest mainstream Orthodox Jewish organization in the United States, comprised of nearly 1000 synagogues nationwide, today expressed its shock at the insertion of a clause in the draft statute of the International Criminal Court approved last week at a conference in Rome.

The clause, promoted by the Arab delegations, designated that the transfer of a population of an occupying country to the territory of an occupied country would constitute a war crime.

Dr. Mandell Ganchrow President, OU, said “It is clear that this provision was put in for purely political motives aimed solely against Israel. It is unthinkable that as a result of this clause Israeli leaders who helped establish settlements would be placed on an equal footing with the most vicious war criminals who have committed the most heinous crimes of mass rape, torture, and pillage.

The invidious addition of this disgraceful clause is reminiscent of the Zionism/Racism resolution, also designed to delegitimize the Jewish claim to our ancient homeland, Israel.”

The Orthodox Union also expressed its anger at the countries of the world that consented to go along with this insulting and unjust clause which could in effect cause any Israeli settler to be charged with a war crime.

The OU urges all Jewish organizations to oppose this discriminatory provision and to institute a campaign among international governments across the globe against the ratification of this charter that politicizes what should be a completely nonpolitical body.