OU Congratulates Prime Minister-elect Barak on Election Victory

Posted on May 24, 1999 In Press Releases

The Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America congratulates Prime Minister-elect Ehud Barak on his election victory. We wish him much success as he proceeds to face the monumental challenges that these tumultuous times present to the State of Israel. We praise Prime Minster Netanyahu’s achievements in his leadership of Israel during a stormy period and his role in the enhancement of the security of Israel’s citizens.

We greatly welcome Prime Minister-elect Barak’s call for the unity of the Israeli people and strongly support any attempts that he will make to help heal the deep rifts and polarization in Israeli society.

In that vein, we hope that he will build as broad a coalition as possible, including the religious parties, so as not to deepen and exacerbate the tensions which so deeply divide the Jewish people. We have great faith that as a man of his word he will do so. In meetings that we were privileged to have with him in recent years, Prime Minister-elect Barak has proven to be a man of appreciation for and great understanding of the role and importance of Jewish tradition in Israeli society and for the Jewish people as a whole.

We also welcome and heartily support the Prime Minister-elect’s pronouncements regarding not returning to the 1967 borders, insisting that Jerusalem, as the eternal capital of Israel, remain undivided, as well as assuring Israeli sovereignty over the settlements.

As he forms his government and undertakes the many challenges facing Israel, we wish Prime Minister-elect Barak much success.