OU Joins In Supporting Legislation To Protect Students In All Maryland Schools

Posted on February 28, 2007 In Press Releases


Last week the Orthodox Union joined with other concerned organizations in supporting SB 495 – The Notification of School Administration of Enrollee with Criminal Record Act. This legislation will fix a crucial oversight in the law and create parity between the public schools and private schools on the issue of notification of school administrators if a child enrolled in their school has a criminal record. Notification laws are an important safeguard for our children, ensuring a safe educational environment for all students in every school. Rabbi Hershel Lutch, Executive director of the Torah School of Greater Washington, offered testimony before the Maryland State Senate Committee on Judicial Proceedings. Excerpts of Rabbi Lutch’s testimony are below:


“All told, there are some 200,000 students in pre-k through 12th grade in Maryland nonpublic schools. This legislation simply provides all of those children with the same level of safeguarding that is already available to students in public schools.”


“As educational institutions whether public or private, when students are on our campuses we can- and we must- see that they are safe. As an institution responsible for the wellbeing and safety of our students, there is no scenario more frightening than for a fellow student who might pose a danger to themselves to themselves or to others to by statute remain anonymous.”


“This vital legislation will ensure we are all doing everything we can to make sure every student in every classroom in every school in our state is able to learn and grow in a safe environment.”