OU Outraged at Continuing Acts of Terror in Turkey

Posted on November 20, 2003 In Press Releases

The Orthodox Union expresses its shock and outrage at more heinous acts of violence and terrorism perpetrated upon innocent people in Istanbul. The world must not only condemn these murderous attacks, but demonstrate the international commitment to fight terrorism through actions and not merely words. It is time that all forms of terrorism be eradicated. This should be a shared goal of all countries of the world and not only a few.

The silence of Muslim leaders has been particularly deafening, even as these attacks take Muslim lives, and even as they occur during Islam’s holiest month, Ramadan. The war against terrorism must indeed be global, for terrorism is not limited to any one region of the world or against only one people. The United States, Israel and Great Britain should be joined by all civilized countries and societies in order to finally rid the world of the scourge of terrorism.

The Orthodox Union expresses its solidarity and sympathy with Turkey and mourns those, both Jews and non-Jews, who have fallen victim to the horrors of terrorism. May all peace-loving countries see these attacks as a lesson to reaffirm and strengthen our resolve to fight and finally eliminate terrorism.