Posted on October 19, 1998 In Press Releases

The Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America, representing nearly 1,000 Orthodox Jewish synagogues nationwide, today expressed its outrage at the terrorist attack perpetrated this morning in Be’er Sheva by a Palestinian man who threw two hand grenades at a crowded Israeli bus station.

This attack, which took place during rush hour, left two victims who were in serious condition and many soldiers among the wounded.

This act of terrorism perpetrated against innocent civilians in Israeli streets at the very moment when peace negotiations are taking place in Wye, Maryland is especially painful. Any hopes for the success of peace negotiations in a continuing atmosphere of terrorism and assault are dramatically and sadly diminished.

Once again, the need for ironclad security guaranties for
Israel is underscored.

The Palestinian Authority must take seriously their commitment to fight the terrorist organizations, terrorist infrastructure, extradite those that perpetrate these horrific acts, and reduce the amount of Palestinian police to the agreed number as well as prevent the incitement to terror, all of which are conditions upon which Israel agreed to the peace process, in order to maintain their credibiliy as negotiating partners.

The American administration must warrant that concrete measures are taken in order to ensure that Mr. Arafat shuts down the terrorists mechanisms that threaten Israel.

Israel’s first responsibility is for the safety and security of its people. One cannot hope for any progress in the peace
process unless the threat of terror and violence that is part and parcel of the Palestinian policy is permanently eradicated.