OU Praises President Bush’s Freezing of Hamas Assets

Posted on August 22, 2003 In Press Releases

The Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America, the nation’s largest Orthodox Jewish synagogue organization, today praised President Bush for strengthening the U.S.-led war on terrorism by freezing the assets of six leaders of the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas and five organizations that support Hamas financially. These organizations raise funds that are used to support Hamas terrorist activities including teaching schoolchildren to become martyrs, suicide bombers, and terrorists.

President Bush ordered the Treasury Department to freeze the assets following Tuesday’s horrific homicide bombing attack in Jerusalem, which killed 20 people and wounded many others. He said, “By claiming responsibility for the despicable act of terror on August 19th, Hamas has reaffirmed that it is a terrorist organization committed to violence against Israel and to undermining progress towards peace between Israel and the Palestinian people.” The President called upon other nations to also recognize Hamas as a terrorist organization and deny it support.

President Bush’s actions serve to strengthen the battle to eradicate the scourge of global terrorism and the efforts to protect the safety all those who cherish freedom. We applaud President Bush’s continued efforts in the war against terrorism and call on other nations of the world to adopt similar measures and to apply economic and political pressure so that the Palestinians will finally see that terror simply does not serve to further their goals.