OU Urges Increased Support of Israel Bonds

Posted on April 24, 2002 In Press Releases

As Israel is deeply engaged in the war against terrorism, Israel’s economy has been suffering greatly. While we support Israel on Capitol Hill, at rallies, and in our letters to the press, we must also make a commitment to help Israel by bolstering its economy during this emergency. One way to express our faith in the viability and success of the State of Israel is through investment in State of Israel Bonds.

The Israeli economy has been dealt a great blow. The lack of tourism is costing billions of dollars. People have been afraid to invest in Israeli companies. In the meantime, Israel still absorbs olim from the Former Soviet Union, Argentina, and other places where Jews are in danger.

Despite the critical situation, Israel needs to be able to provide jobs and housing and other economic support for new immigrants. Israel needs to remain a modern, advanced society in the face of the current challenges. Since its inception, State of Israel Bonds has provided the investment capital to help absorb olim, to finance Israeli roads and ports, to assist in land reclamation and irrigation, and to help Israel’s industry, commerce, and agriculture achieve a phenomenal record of growth.

The Orthodox Jewish community, always in the forefront of support for Israel, must step up to the plate and demonstrate our faith in Israel’s continued success by increasing our investment in Israel Bonds. Israel Bonds funds are the source of research for Israel’s high technology industries and in Israeli advances in medicine, science, solar energies, and other sophisticated industries. We must help ensure that Israel will remain at the peak of these modern achievements to ensure her safety and security.

The Orthodox Union calls on all its member synagogues to increase the campaign for the investment of Israel Bonds. It is essential that we contribute to the economic growth of Israel as she devotes so much energy to win the war against terrorism. We cannot hesitate at this crucial moment.

Please show your dedication to Israel by reinvigorating your Israel Bond campaigns and holding events to help increase Orthodox Jewish investment in Israel’s present and future. In order to help you set up an Israel Bonds event in your synagogue, kindly call Robert Lunzer at Israel Bonds, (212) 644-BOND ext. 336 or 384.