OU Wages Voter Registration Campaign, Distributes Guide to Community

Posted on August 7, 2002 In Press Releases

The Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America – through its Institute for Public Affairs – is contacting synagogues and OU members throughout the country to join a voter registration campaign. A kit containing talking points, a state-by-state guide to boards of election, and a Voter Registration Guide has been sent and is being posted on the Union’s website. The OU is urging synagogues to register members to vote and to provide voter registration forms on Selichot night, when many have gathered in synagogues and one is allowed to write.

“Voter registration is of the highest priority for the Orthodox Union,” said Betty Ehrenberg, Director, of International and Communal Affairs. “Our ability to vote and to shape public policy in both the domestic and international arenas is crucial to the survival of our community. Many issues that reflect the Orthodox Union’s core principles of working to promote Jewish values and interests at home and abroad are at stake. In the past, American Jews have voted in overwhelming numbers, ensuring our participation in the formation of American public policy. We must continue to have a large voter turnout and cannot surrender our ability to influence our destiny as American Jews. We cannot allow others to make choices for us – so many important issues are on the agenda, including freedom of religion, racism and discrimination, education, health care, security for Israel, terrorism and many others. We must not forfeit our right to have a voice in our democracy.

“The Orthodox Union urges all our members to help preserve our precious right to vote and to play a part in making sure that our interests are protected and that our voice counts.”

To obtain a Voter Registration kit, kindly call us at (212) 613-8123 or view it online.