Pre-K? Yes. Universal? Not yet.

by David J. Roseberg

February 19, 2015

If there was one thing that Mayor de Blasio staked his campaign on, it was the idea that the city can ensure quality, full day, pre-K for every four year old. And a little less than a year ago, he had a lot to celebrate when the State announced funding for a pilot program to roll out pre-K across the state. In the months since, New York City has placed roughly 53,000 children in full-day pre-K classes.

 (It’s worth clarifying that what the city calls “pre-K” is the equivalent of kindergarden by most yeshivas and other Jewish schools, and what yeshivas call “pre-1a” is the public school system’s kindergarden.)

 In theory, universal pre-K would mean thousands of dollars in tuition relief for thousands of Jewish families (almost all of whom are already paying for their children’s pre-K).

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