Presidential Contenders State Positions on Govt. Support for Day Schools

Posted on July 26, 2007 In Blog

The bloggers at the J’lem Post have been soliciting and receiving position statements from many of the Democratic & Republican presidential candidates on a range of issues in recent months.

Of course, the initial set of questions posed to the candidates were focused on Mideast policy challenges. But this week, the Post delivers a set of responses from several of the candidates with regard to their positions on government aid to parochial schools.

Interestingly, among the Democrats who responded – Biden, Clinton, Edwards and Richardson – each stated the (requisite for Democratic Party politics) rejection of school voucher programs but pointed to other avenues of state support for parochial schools and students which they support and would expand; only Barack Obama failed to leave any opening in this regard. John McCain is the only responding Republican, (Brownback, Romney, Rudy, where are you?) and he states his strong support for voucher programs.