Private School Parents Urged to Lobby for Education Investment Tax Credit


March 26, 2015

A potentially groundbreaking bill for Jewish education could be passed by the New York State Legislature if enough concerned constituents call their representatives.

“The Education Tax Credit has the potential to deliver millions of dollars in scholarship aid to our Jewish day school families. Similar educational tax credits in other states have proven to provide significant—and much-needed relief—to Jewish day school families,” explained Maury Litwack, director of State Political Affairs for OU Advocacy, the nonpartisan public policy arm of the Orthodox Union.

The Education Tax Credit, officially known as the Education Investment Incentives Act (EIIA), would provide tax credits in return for individual and corporate donations to public schools as well as not-for-profit scholarship granting organizations. Tax credits for donations would reduce a taxpayer’s state tax liability, dollar-for-dollar, for up to 75 percent of what is owed in income or corporate franchise taxes. So far, similar bills, promoted by OU Advocacy, have been enacted in Pennsylvania and Florida.

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