Rabbis’ Take on the Tuition Crisis: How You Can Help, by Rabbi Shmuel Marcus and Rabbi Jonathan Morgenstern

Posted on May 21, 2015 In No categories

Originally published in the Jewish Link

Everyone asks us, what can be done about the cost of a day-school education?

Week after week, the tuition crisis comes to our attention, front and center. Rabbis, couples and concerned members of the community call us, email us and approach us after davening regarding the financial pressures threatening our schools and squeezing our middle-class families. Sometimes, they are parents squeezed by the prices who somehow make it work but are always asking when it will ever get better. And sometimes, it’s extremely generous and charitable individuals looking to quietly help the community at large in this struggle.

This problem has been given a name, “The Tuition Crisis,” and is fueled by the issues we all know:

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