Remembering the “Forgotten Evacuees”

Posted on February 20, 2007 In Blog

This excellent Jerusalem Post editorial highlights the unfortunate plight of the “Forgotten Evacuees” — the thousands of Israeli citizens evacuated from their homes in Gaza and the northern Shomron. Despite promises from the Israeli government for compensation and resettlement, these citizens have not been adequately cared for.

As part of our ongoing effort to urge the global Jewish community to focus some of its humanitarian largesse on these forgotten evacuees, the OU has proposed a resolution at the upcoming 2007 JCPA Plenum on alleviating the suffering of attacked and displaced Israelis. Through war, terror, and governmental neglect many Israeli’s continue to suffer.

The OU jumped into action on behalf of the evacuees within weeks of the Disengagement, and now, finally, others in the American Jewish community are doing so as well, swayed by the humanitarian issues on the ground, but much more needs to be done. These Israeli citizens need further assistance as they continue to rebuild their lives. The global Jewish Community must remain committed to supporting these displaced and crisis-weary Israelis.