Rudy’s Succah Social

Posted on October 1, 2007 In Blog

One of the finite numbers of succah patios on Manhattan’s Upper West Side was quite crowded last night for a small dollar, high energy, young professionals event for Rudy Giuliani. The event’s host was Jeff Stier, a new member of Hizzoner’s health policy team and the Mayor’s stand-in was the campaign’s Jewish liaison, Yehuda Gross.

Several dozen young Jewish professionals – we think it may have been about a hundred all told – munched sushi and sipped Shiraz while treated to off the record talk on campaign strategy. Once again, we note the Mayor’s people are nothing if not consistent: Mayor Giuliani as the GOP nominee they say, puts Florida in play, puts Jersey in play, and most important both electorally college speaking and psychologically – dare we say – mythologically speaking, it puts New York in play. Its never been done before but the Mayor’s staff are convinced their guy can do it.

From a Jewish policy perspective there was no news made, except how the numbers there on a day when many were out on holiday or family celebrations, underscore the level of support the Mayor commands among New York’s Jewish populace.