School Vouchers Dominate Speech by Georgia Senate President Pro Tem

Posted on September 24, 2008 In Blog

Gainesville Times – Georgia State Senator and Senate President Pro Tem Eric Johnson of Savannah spoke on the topic of private school vouchers last Thursday with the Habersham Rotary Club in Habersham County.

“The Senate president pro tem said he hopes to introduce legislation to the General Assembly in January that, if approved, would allow all children in Georgia public schools a roughly $5,000 voucher to attend a private school, including religious institutions. Students already in private school, as well as undocumented residents, would not be eligible for the vouchers, Johnson said.”

As persistent advocates of constitutionally permissible aid to those families with children in non-public schools, we at the OU are pleased to see the state of Georgia is looking to implement “the first universal state voucher system in the nation” (and we wish it better luck and a less malicious teachers union than Utah, which passed a program last year only to see it defeated by special interests using dubious legal maneuvers). We do wish though that Senator Johnson’s proposed legislation would also include students already enrolled in non-public schools. But this is good news overall. To read the full story click here.