Seizing the Moment

Posted on October 29, 2014 In No categories

By Jeff Leb

October 29, 2014

Originally published in The Jewish Press


About a year ago, I took my now 11-year-old son to a New York Jetsgame. It was his first opportunity to experience a football game from the stands and he spent much of the time taking photos on his iPod Touch.

Unfortunately, our beloved Jets lost the game. As we were walking dejectedly back to our car, my son discovered another distressing loss: somehow, his iPod had slipped out of his fingers and was gone. Was there any way he would ever get his iPod back, he asked despairingly. While the odds were against it, I filed a claim for the missing iPod with the Jets’ Lost and Found department.

On the second day of Chanukah, a couple months later, I received a surprise call from the Jets. Someone had turned the iPod in to Lost and Found! After I verified that it belonged to my son, they offered to mail it to us. And so, a few days later, I presented my son with his Chanukah present – his old iPod, which still had the photos of the Jets he took that day at the stadium. He was elated.

Fast forward to early August of this year, when I found a camera on the subway. After teaching my children a life lesson from the returned iPod – that people perform good deeds because it’s the right thing to do – I was certainly going to do everything possible to return the camera to its owner.

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