Senate Increases Homeland Security Grants

Posted on June 19, 2009 In Blog

Congress is in the process of considering the 12 appropriations bills for the federal government’s coming fiscal year. The Homeland Security Appropriations bill is one of the first that is winding its way through the process. The OU, along with United Jewish Communities and other key partners, is leading efforts to secure additional program funds for the Nonprofit Security Grant Program, within this bill.

Working with champions in the House, we have secured $15 million in the House version of the bill, and this week; working with our champions in the Senate, such as Senators Barbara Mikulski, Arlen Specter, Chuck Schumer, and Kirsten Gillibrand we have secured $20 million in the Senate draft version of the bill.

Both chambers are expected to consider their respective bills for passage next week.

Once the bills are passed, the House and Senate will be required to generate a single compromise version of the bill for final passage. The OU will work to retain the Senate’s higher allocation for this critical program within the final bill.