Some Good News About Israel

Posted on June 22, 2007 In Blog

These pieces match the (off the record) remarks of Israel’s ambassador to the United States, Sallai Meridor, made Thursday at the JCRC of NY’s annual meeting. Ambassador Meridor spoke of the dangers Israel faces, notably from Iran, but also of the advances and accomplishments of the Jewish state, including Google’s recently opened facility there. Outgoing JCRC president (and OU/IPA board member) Matt Maryles said the remarks were both sobering and inspiring – and they were, which makes an interesting combination. For more such inspiration, in what’s been a rough week for friends of Israel, see these two news bits which show Israel’s bright side (and we do not refer to the Maxim spread on which this blog will have no comment).

Today’s JPost reports that 25 of 36 new judges appointed in Israel are women, probably the only place east of Libya and West of Turkey this might be so – or even possible.

Businessweek reports that Israel is a “hotbed” of investment and economic growth. The whole piece, filled with good stats is here.