Sun & Peretz “Heart” Obama?

Posted on January 9, 2008 In Blog

“Something is happening” is a refrain Barack Obama used in his concession speech last night. Something indeed – today the New York Sun – yes, the New York Sun – editorialized a defense of Barack Obama’s record with regard to Israel – and this a day after Marty Peretz, writing from Jerusalem, quotes Israelis as being “terrified that, if Hillary were president, she’d send her husband as a mediator in the Israel-Palestinian conflict where, at best, he’d do well-intentioned damage,” and Peretz further asserts that “Barack Obama has a better feel for this country [Israel] than she does.” You can be sure that Hillary Clinton will be trumpeting her efforts in support of Israel in response before the week is out.

As the presidential primaries in which Jewish votes will matter loom larger – something is happening on the Jewish – pro-Israel politics front – and it will be interesting, to say the least.