Synagogue Security Arrangements For Yamim Noraim

Posted on September 21, 2000 In Press Releases

To: Rabbis and Synagogue Leaders
From: Richard B. Stone, Chairman
Betty Ehrenberg, Director, International and Communal Affairs

RE: Synagogue Security Arrangements For Yamim Noraim

Each year before the Yamim Noraim, the IPA/OU urges our member synagogues to review and update their security arrangements and precautions that are necessary for synagogues during the holidays. It is important that rabbis and synagogue leaders review such issues as synagogue security, protection of community members going to and from shul, and sensitizing members of the police department as to the religious aspect of the holy days, including rules regarding the particulars of the religious observance.

OU.ORG has provided a list of holiday crime prevention recommendations from the NYPD that we believe synagogue leaders all over the country will find helpful. Contacts should be made by synagogues with their local police precincts regarding any concerns that you may have.

In addition, the disturbing phenomenon of stolen sifrei torah and the fact that aronei kodesh are not always carefully secured, leading to thefts of sifrei torah by thieves who do not even have to break in to commit this terrible crime, is unfortunately a source of concern again. Synagogues must be on the alert regarding this. Should you wish any more information please do not hesitate to contact us at 212-613-8123.