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Everyone – students, parents, teachers, and community leaders – can make a difference. Here’s how:

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  • Call/Mail/Email Your Legislator’s Office – You can contact your legislator’s office any time and ask them to support our private school parents. Visit our “Public Policy” page(below our legislative agenda) for talking points on why private school parents deserve public support .
  • Respond to Our Action Alerts – We will inform you via Twitter, Facebook, and our newsletter when important legislation is moving in Albany. In each action alert we will include background on the legislation, talking points for calling your legislator, or a draft letter for emailing them.

Become Politically Active –

  • Vote – Voting is the best way to make our voices matter. Legislators feel they can safely ignore anyone who doesn’t – or isn’t likely – to vote. Make sure that you vote in every election, and get your friends, family, and the people you sit next to in shul to vote as well.
  • Attend Our Events – The OU/TEACH NYS Initiative will periodically hold rallies, town halls, and other events to build our community’s influence. We will publicize these events through our newsletter, Facebook, and Twitter. High attendance at these events is critical to showing legislators that tuition affordability is our top concern.
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