The Biden Pollard Episode – Next?

Posted on October 3, 2011 In Archives

Vice President Joe Biden’s remarks to a group of Florida rabbis that the imprisoned Jonathan Pollard would get out of jail  “over my dead body”  spread across Israel and Jewish newsmedia these last 48 hours, as has the footage of Mr. Biden seeming to say something different  in 2007 (although he might be making a “Talmudic” distinction there between Pollard being granted a “pardon” as opposed to “clemency” – which he still didn’t embrace).

Reactions to the Vice President’s strong words are coming out as well from participants in the initial meeting and other Jewish officials.

Those who are opposed to Mr. Pollard’s release also seem to be reacting by releasing information that casts the imprisoned spy in a negative light.

The next chapter in this episode will likely unfold Wednesday when, as also noted by the NY Times, the Vice President will host his annual Rosh Hashana reception at his official residence for several score of American Jewish leaders.  As in past years, Orthodox Union leaders are privileged to have been invited and will be in attendance.  We can’t know how the conversation will unfold, but it will certainly be an interesting evening.