The British are Coming

Posted on June 8, 2007 In Blog

The British boycotts are getting a lot of attention in the media as well as over at the OSCE conference to combat anti-Semitism, JTA reports. AJC’s Rabbi Andrew Baker of the US delegation saying that much talk has focused on the boycotts.

Well, the British journalists and their colleagues in academia may be up in arms about boycotting Israel, but their compatriots who actually defend Queen and country have a slightly different view, not to mention Her Majesty’s treasury.

Israel based Elbit Systems is a 51% owner of the joint venture, UAV Tactical Systems that received a $110 million contract (which is not to be confused with the 700 million pound contract Elbit was awarded by Britain’s Ministry of Defence earlier for other unmanned drones) for some unmanned aerial vehicles to patrol the skies of Iraq and Afghanistan.