The OU is conducting a Petition Campaign

Posted on December 11, 2001 In Press Releases

Dear Rabbis and Synagogue Leaders,

The Orthodox Union is conducting a National Synagogue Petition Campaign to the President of the United States appealing for clemency on behalf of Jonathan Pollard and requesting commutation of his sentence to time served on humanitarian grounds. We are designating this upcoming Shabbat Chanukah as an opportune time to speak about this issue in the synagogues and adopt a resolution. In addition, we are supplying a petition form and ask you to undertake a petition drive to urge President Bush to release Jonathan Pollard who has served nearly seventeen years in prison, longer than any other person who has committed similar actions.

In our tefillot we beseech Hashem to bring about the release from distress, captivity, darkness and servitude of all of our brethren — this Shabbat Chanukah we should take the opportunity to mobilize our constituents to pray for and advocate for the release of Jonathan Pollard.

Please review the information provided and have your synagogue members fill out the petitions and send them to President Bush. Please have your synagogue pass the resolution and let us know that you have done so by calling (212) 613-8123.

Thank you for all your assistance in this humanitarian matter and in the merit of all our collective efforts, may Jonathan Pollard be released very soon.


Richard B. Stone
Chairman, IPA

Steven Savitsky
Chairman, Synagogue Services
Betty Ehrenberg
Director, International Affairs Rabbi Moshe Krupka
Director, Synagogue Services