The Truman Torah

Posted on June 26, 2007 In Blog

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Hachnosas Sefer Torah (dedication of a new Torah scroll) on the USS Harry Truman.

All we can say is – only in America. The Truman, a nuclear powered aircraft carrier with a crew of 5,200, has seen action in the Mid East on both Operation Southern Watch and Iraqi Freedom, as well in Hurricane Katrina relief efforts. And now, while executing its mission “to project power forward from the sea anywhere around the world as directed by the Commander in Chief” (which is Navy talk for scaring the bad guys or blowing them up), they have a remnant of Lithuania’s once vibrant Jewish community on board. The Torah is a reminder of what occurs when evil is not confronted and freedom is not forcefully defended. The Torah also serves as a daily opportunity for the Navy’s Jewish sailors and marines, as well as those looking for spiritual solace, to pray and serve G-d.