The Time Is Now to Send A Message to Albany

Posted on March 18, 2014 In No categories

By Jeff Leb

March 18, 2014

Many of those wielding the levers of power in Albany are saying the right things on behalf of greater funding for Jewish education.  But to truly support education for all, we need more than words—we need action. And Governor Cuomo’s proposed budget, now being negotiated with the State Senate and State Assembly, is a good place to start.

Gov. Cuomo’s proposed budget and the Senate and Assembly’s revisions potentially provide a never-before-seen amount of funding for non-public schools—which, if passed, could be game changing for Jewish day schools…

If—and only if—non-public schools are included in the universal pre-k (UPK) legislation, if the state enacts an education tax credit, and if non-public schools receive a share of the proposed $2 billion technology bond—the combined funding of these three legislations for non-public schools could revolutionize tuition costs of Jewish education in New York.

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