What do 91% of Jews Agree Upon?

Posted on April 14, 2010 In Blog

While some pundits are eager to see President Obama leapfrog the impasse in the Israeli-Palestinian peace process and propose and force his own solution, and a recent poll of American Jews is being shown to suggest American Jews don’t disapprove of Obama all that much, 91% of Israelis are opposed to an American-imposed peace plan.

The Jerusalem Post poll found:

Asked whether they would support Obama imposing a plan dividing Jerusalem and removing the Jordan Valley from Israeli control, 91 percent of Israelis who expressed an opinion said no and 9% said yes, according to the poll of 503 Israelis, which was taken by Ma’agar Mohot on Sunday and Monday and had a 4.5% margin of error.

Eighty-one percent said it was improper for Obama to try to force such a plan on the two sides, while 19% of those who expressed an opinion said it was proper.

The poll asked whether it would create enduring peace or enduring conflict should Jerusalem be divided, with Jewish neighborhoods remaining part of Israel and Arab neighborhoods becoming part of a Palestinian state. Eighty-four percent said conflict and 16% said peace.

And, despite the punditry’s preferences noted above, President Obama seems to realize the limits of his power too.