What Will the Anti-Israel Left Do Now?

Posted on March 24, 2009 In Blog

Today, Israel’s Labor Party voted to join the newly forming Israeli government under Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu.

In leading Labor not only into the coalition, but into a position of influence that’s much greater than the party earned in the election, Ehud Barak has not only kept himself as the Minister of Defense, but provided Netanyahu with the broad coalition Tzippy Livni denied him when she refused to lead Kadima into the coalition.

This was critical not only for Netanyahu himself, but for Israel who’s adversaries – in many arenas, including the media – were incessantly portraying the incoming government as “narrow and hawkish” due, mainly, to Avigdor Lieberman’s role.

(This was also seen in the Jewish community where J Street released a survey to serve their policy ends – and further ramp up the storyline of Lieberman as the looming problem.
The survey, though, has its shortcomings, to say the least)

But now that Labor – led by the very man who offered Arafat everything at Camp David II – is not only in the Israeli government, but a decisive player – what will the enemies of Israel do now to portray them terribly?

No doubt, they will find something, they always do.