White House Brings Lawmakers into Situation Room on Iran

By Deirdre Walsh and Kevin Bohn

July 16, 2015

Part of the aggressive outreach to convince Democrats to support the deal with Iran included a briefing Thursday for 15 American Jewish members of the House of Representatives in the Situation Room at the White House. The meeting was the latest in a series of briefings for these members at the White House.

“People felt that the Administration is intent on very seriously addressing the concerns of the Jewish members, which many of them centered around Israel and the security of Israel,” Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-Illinois) said after the session.

Schakowsky told reporters she believed there were enough Democrats supporting the deal to help the White House overcome Republican opposition to the agreement.

The Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of American and the Rabbinical Council of America are among a number of groups organizing a rally next week in New York against the deal. “The inspections regime is insufficient to ensure Iran cannot cheat and surreptitiously develop nuclear weapons, despite President Obama’s promise that the deal would be subject to the toughest verification and inspections in the world,” they said in a statement outlining of their key reasons for coming out against it.

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